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Secretary of Party Committee Chen Shiping went to Bangladesh to visit Chinese Ambassador, Counselor and Partners

During 27 April 2014 to 30 April 2014, China Railway International Group’s Secretary of Party Committee Chen Shiping went to Bangladesh, and visited Chinese Ambassador in Bangladesh Li Jun, Counselor Wang Zijian, accompanied by Vice President Wang Lijie and personnel from Marketing Division 3.


Secretary Chen introduced information about China Railway Group Limited’s business area, achievements made in Bangladesh, the strategy positioning, business model, market and project distributions of China Railway International Group after the regrouping to Ambassador Li Jun. Ambassador Li Jun welcomed our group to explore Bangladesh market, and offered several suggestions based on the consideration of national policies and domestic demands.




Secretary Chen introduced information about China Railway International Group’s operating pattern after the regrouping and progresses of current projects in Bangladesh to Counselor Wang Zijian, with further statements for the ideas of current projects awaiting of submission of tender, and hoped to be supported by the Commercial Section. Counselor Wang introduced the national conditions and market characteristics to Secretary Chen, offered suggestions to current focused projects, and recommended some investment and development opportunities.


During the stay in Bangladesh, Secretary Chen also had conversation with CCC Engineering’s Chairman Yan Wei, China Huadian HongKong Company’s General Manager Zhao Longjun, all parties made intentions to cooperate in a stable and sustainable way.




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